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At your service – our consolidation warehouses in Finland (Vantaa, Lappeenranta). These consolidation warehouses are very convenient from the geographical point of view, regardless whether your mixed cargo is delivered from European countries, South-East Asia countries or from the USA.

We utilize the following scheme for organization of mixed cargo from Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Czech Republic, Sweden or Netherlands): at a consolidation warehouse the cargo is delivered to it is immediately loaded into one vehicle. Then the cargo is transported to Moscow and St. Petersburg (such services are regular). Upon request of our clients, we deliver mixed cargo from Europe not only from our warehouse to Russian consignee’s warehouse but literally from consignor’s house to consignee’s house.

Usually, mixed cargo takes more time for delivery as compared to the cargo transported by an individual vehicle because in the first case a vehicle transports cargo intended for several different consignees. And if any cargo is delayed, shipment of all other mixed cargo is also postponed.

You may post your request for price calculation right here. Our managers will contact you during working hours within 15 minutes.